Why You Need to Start Doing This: Boil Garlic in Milk

Boiling garlic in milk might seem odd, but this age-old remedy from traditional medicine combines garlic's health benefits with milk's soothing properties. Here's why this unique mixture is worth adding to your health routine.

Fights Cold and Flu:

How it works: Garlic's allicin becomes more bioavailable when boiled in milk, enhancing its antimicrobial and antiviral capabilities.
Benefits: Regular intake can lessen the severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms.
Eases Asthma Symptoms:

How it works: Garlic's anti-inflammatory qualities can reduce airway inflammation.
Benefits: Asthmatics may find relief from wheezing and breathlessness.
Alleviates Insomnia:

How it works: Milk's tryptophan and garlic's relaxing effects aid sleep.
Benefits: Drinking garlic milk before bed can improve sleep quality.
Enhances Digestion:

How it works: Garlic stimulates digestion, while milk eases stomach irritation.
Benefits: Helps with digestive issues like bloating and constipation.
Supports Heart Health:

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