Do you remember the pineapple angel food cakes of the fat-free 90’s? Well, although I do remember the low-fat Cool Whip strawberry yogurt pie of my youth, somehow I missed the light, tender and flavorful pineapple angel food cake. But now I’m making up for lost time!

I only learned of even the idea of a pineapple gluten free angel food cake when one very special reader named Michelle. Michelle is one of the amazing moderators of the Everything GFOAS Facebook group. She’s been with me since, well, forever, and she introduced me to the concept and asked me to help her out.

The recipe was originally made as a two ingredient-style cake mix recipe, by adding a can of crushed pineapple to a box of angel food cake mix. I tried converting my gluten free angel food cake recipe to a mix using powdered egg whites and adding a can of crushed pineapple. It was a dense and gummy mess.

This three-ingredient recipe is delicious and so very easy due to the use of a cake mix and canned pineapple, and whipped cream dessert topping.

This cake is almost magical the way it mixes up into a light & airy cake in no time at all. Topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with toasted coconut, it’s just heavenly!